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Online course review

“Great program. Great flow of each of the modules (intro, middle content and summary). Your voice brings this to life. Voiceover is AWESOME! The writing module put the whole book in perspective for me. I learned a lot because it showed me that everything in the proposal will be used somewhere in the book somehow. The publishing module that focuses on “agents” is good. Given that I have just gone through this process, I’d also suggest adding “networking” as a way of finding a good agent. Cost of self-publishing material stuff is GREAT.  I really like the promotion module 6. I LOVE that you gave an example from your own book for a strategy. It brought it home.”

—Monica Sauls, instructional designer and co-author of ACT II: Igniting the Energy and Passion for the Next Stage of Your Career

“What a great and thorough course you have put together. I enjoyed every informative module. So many people had asked me about writing a book of my experiences over the past 4 years. Your course is the way to get it done. I had never written anything but technical papers in the past. Following your concise step-by-step course and keeping with it gave me the organizational skills I needed to complete my first draft manuscript and my outline for promoting my book and story. I would recommend this online course to anyone who has thought about writing a book and just could not get started on it.  Thank you Bobbi, and keep up the great work. I would never have done it without you.”

—Jim Cicci, author of 1500 Arabian Nights

“I love this course! It has helped me plan the writing and all the details of publishing my new book, including setting and meeting deadlines. Bobbi literally takes you by the hand and helps you address all the decisions you will have to make along the way–even the ones you didn’t know about.”

—Bobette Kyle

Classroom course review

comments from anonymous student surveys:

“The most rewarding aspect of the course was the genuine interest of the instructor in our projects, her consistent encouragement, plus her superb workbook.”

“Hour for hour, this was one of my most helpful courses ever. This is high praise from a person with a PhD and three master’s degrees.

“Ms. Linkemer’s passion for her class and her students’ progress is truly laudable.”

“Bobbi is a fantastic instructor. She has wonderful knowledge and contacts that she unselfishly shares. I appreciate that tremendously!”

“I finished my book! Bobbi offered to review my proposal at no charge.”

Book review

 “Going Solo: How to survive and thrive as a freelance writer  will inspire even the most fledgling writer to consider the challenging and rewarding world of freelancing. Bobbi Linkemer draws from her many years of experience to offer a practical and well-thought-out approach for the new writer and seasoned veteran alike. She guides the reader through the many aspects of the genre, from marketing to relationship building between writer and client. Going Solo  belongs on every freelancer’s bookshelf.”

—Judy L. Mosbacher  JLM Communications

 “Bobbi has helped tremendously with my writing, guiding me with her accumulated wisdom and keeping me on point while writing my recent eBook. In Going Solo  she shares forty-five years of insights with you as well. It’s a must read for any writer trying to make it in the freelance market.”

—Bobette Kyle  Author of Dream Wedding on a Dime: 7 Secrets for the Budget-Savvy Bride

“Impressive. Solid information. Easy to “digest” and follow. Love that it addresses the changing, emerging publishing options. Bravo, Bobbi.”

— Barbara McNichol, Author of WordTrippers (an eBook), www.BarbaraMcNichol.com


“I can’t thank you enough for coming to my book party and everything you did to help me get there! None of it would have happened without you. You have a wonderful job, helping people’s dreams come true!”

Linda Anderson-Little
Author of Motherhood Calling: Experiencing
God in Everyday Family Life

“I would especially like to recognize Bobbi Linkemer who did an outstanding job as my editor. She was excellent at getting the best out of me. She asked appropriate questions, made excellent suggestions, and nudged me ever so slightly if I slacked off, all of which made this a better book.”

Bhupendra O. Khatri, MD
Director,  The Regional MS Center
Center for Neurological Disorders

“Bobbi is an excellent editor. She embraced our unique book idea immediately, guiding us with her great attention to detail for strong and diligent but supportive modifications. As this is our first book we didn’t know what to expect from the editing process. Bobbi never changed our intentions, only made the words and statements better. Our special project (not a typical text or narrative format) required additional skills of specific format editing. She embraced this need and conducted her own research to ensure our project was edited correctly. Bobbi was not just an editor, but truly part of our team providing ongoing support throughout the project. She never wavered in her belief of our book to be completed and she was an essential part of the team success of the final product, Celebrating Lincoln’s Legacy. We’d work with Bobbi again in an instant.”

Kevin and Glenda Abney
Authors of Celebrating Lincoln’s Legacy

“When you work with Bobbi Linkemer you’re getting far more than a book coach, ghostwriter, and editor. The cornerstone of any book is a proposal, and Bobbi is expert at helping you to organize your thoughts and materials into a proposal that’ll help make you and your book a success. Just as importantly, and something that one cannot put a price on, you’re getting someone who sincerely cares about you and your project. Bobbi walks the walk and talks the talk and is a friend to all who work with her.”

Robert M. Misic
Author of Crash & Burn: The Bureaupathology of the Federal Aviation Administration

“Bobbi is a master teacher, a fabulous writer, and an exceptional individual. I have had the pleasure of knowing Bobbi for several years. First, I was her student, and then she became my friend, my editor, and my mentor. She is an inspiration to me, guiding me through all phases of my writing endeavors with kindness, tact, and empathy.”

Felicia Graber
Author & Founder of St. Louis Holocaust
Survivors & Descendents

“I hired Bobbi based on her ability to intuitively understand my particular project and guide me on the steps that I need to take to move towards my ultimate goal:publishing my book.”

Kathy Rainey Bussmann

“Thanks Bobbi … it was a pleasure working with you, and we are very excited about the publication of these stories. I would be happy to talk with anyone about the quality of your work and the project you did with us. You can use me as a reference anytime.”

Dolores Hampton
Missouri Planning Council for
Developmental Disabilities

Professional colleagues

“Bobbi is a talented writer who puts her clients first. I was totally impressed with her ability to re-write a full-length memoir for a mutual client. She delivered quality content and preserved the viewpoint of the author. Her writing clearly reflects a professional approach, good judgment, and experience. Bobbi is a perfectionist and is great to work with. I would recommend using her writing services without any hesitation.”

Peggy Nehmen
Nehmen-Kodner Creative

“Bobbi Linkemer is caring, professional and dedicated to her customers. Bobbi is a wonderful writer and has supported others to become the best writers they can be as well. I have worked with Bobbi in different organizations and she always gives her all.”

Rebecca Rengo
Owner, Transcending Life

“Whenever I turn to Bobbi for her help with a writing project, I know, without hesitation, that I will benefit from her extensive knowledge and expertise, as well as her commitment to excellence regardless of the project’s scope. Although she might be working with several other clients at the time, she always manages to create an atmosphere in which my needs become her highest priority. I have known Bobbi for as long as I can remember, and I am continually amazed by her ability to reinvent herself whenever the need arises. I admire her professionalism and am forever grateful for her friendship.”

Judy Mosbacher
JLM Communications

“If you are considering either becoming or hiring a ghostwriter, you need Bobbi Linkemer’s eBook. It is full of clear advice and information. Bobbi’s wisdom and experience shine in every page.”

Lynne Klippel,
author www.WebWonderWomen.com

“I was blown away by how you handled your class. The work you do for them is just unbelievable … I hope they all stay with you and do their projects, or at least learn how to try. As I listened to you present that stack of important info, I just couldn’t get over the enormous amount of work you do for your students.”

Sharon Winstein
Author, Breads, Soups & Salads Students


“I want you to know, my life changed with taking your class. You gave me the confidence and boldness to be able to put myself out there with my writing. Heroes aren’t Superman; they are people like you who take the time to nurture the potential in others so they, in turn, have something to offer someone else. Thank you.”

Kim Dailey S
Special Education Teacher

“You are quite an instructor in hearing what are our needs, responding in a great way, keeping us focused, and providing many helpful handouts. There is a saying that a teacher’s influence lasts a lifetime because of the ripple effect. Your influence will be lasting.”

Dick Drummond

“In her various roles as class instructor, author, and copy editor, Bobbi Linkemer is honest, professional, clear, objective, and positive. Most importantly, she respects and provides moral support to aspiring writers. Without hesitation or qualification, I recommend Bobbi Linkemer’s books, classes, and copy editor services.

Corinne Richardson,
Author, Designer, Lawyer

“Thank you for the affirmation of my writing and for the encouragement and support. I can actually see this happening, whereas, before this class, it was just an idea that rolled around in my head. You have inspired me to pursue my dream.”

Linda Anderson-Little

“I am so grateful to have you point me in the right direction with this book. I sometimes get discouraged and want to forget about it, but something inside of me keeps telling me to continue. I don’t know if I ever would have gotten this far without this class and your help.”

Karen Hilmes,
Graphic Designer

“Do you realize how many people you’ve inspired with your classes? You inspired me to write, even though I’m the world’s worst procrastinator. I don’t know about the writing groups you taught before, but this group is wonderful and has so many diverse stories to write. Thank you for your encouragement, your sense of humor and your ability to handle awkward situations with aplomb. I enjoy your blog very much – keep it going.”

Marilyn Heidbrier

“Bobbi, I would love to speak to anyone you have as a potential client. As a book shepherd in your intense border collie way, you’ve certainly fetched the strays, herded me through the gate and balanced this flock safely. I’m not ready yet, though to say, ‘That’ll do, that’ll do.’ We still have to close the gate after this lamb. Keep the eye, lassie.”

Charlotte Mielziner
Certified Dog Trainer

“If you would ever like a guest at one of your classes to discuss any facet of writing and self-publishing … I’d be happy to speak. I offer this as a way of thanking you and giving back. Thank you for having run your class and helping me become organized and coming to grips with the varied and disparate tasks of writing and publishing a book.”

Paul Gubany, Author

“Bobbi is a detail-oriented editor and Ghostwriter. She takes pride in her work and recommends tweaks where they are needed. I find her easy to work with, dedicated and passionate about her clients and her work. She is my editor of choice.”

Danielle Alexander

“Hi Bobbi, I just want you to know that I have written more in the past few days than I have in a long time. I thank you again for giving me confidence. I always seemed to put more weight on the fact that I am not a professional writer than on the fact that I had a story to tell and that it has to be done in a way that is true to who I am. I think you and the class were just what I needed. Thanks again.”

Maya Prizzi

“Bobbi…you are terrific! You just astound me, as you do the whole class. We are overwhelmed at all you do for us, your energy and your dedication.”

Arlen Chaleff
Spokesperson for Mental Illness

“I wanted to thank you for your class because ever since then, I’ve known for sure that I wanted to do something in this field. When students come to class, it’s because they’re not only looking for avenues into the field of writing, but also because many of us have been told that we couldn’t! Being taught by someone like you is proof that we can!”

Francoise Sajous-Stoddard

“Thanks for your persistence. I would expect nothing less. Your knowledge has been priceless!”

Vanessa Williams
Writing Student

Visitors to Web site

“Thank you … (It) does make it less intimidating. The article is about how being diagnosed with cancer actually saved my life and made it better. I really do look forward to my expanded role in the world through writing. I feel very compelled to share the things that allowed me to use cancer as a positive tool which made my life much richer. Just need the confidence to get going and the focus! You have been a blessing and I feel fortunate to have met you.”

Lori Seviolai

“Thank you so much for your website and for offering the information that you do. It has already been so helpful and I’m only at the beginning stage of writing a book. I keep your website open while I work to keep me motivated and help me along the way.”

Sana Musharbash

Praise for Words To Live By

Words to Live By: Reflections on the Writing Life from a 40-Year Veteran has a dual meaning: how the author earns her living and the lessons she has learned along the way about life. This is a memoir of a remarkable career that began with little more than a vague dream—to write—and proved that with a little talent and a lot of determination one can achieve any goal, no matter how improbable.

Find out how I can guide, inspire, or coach you too.