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Book #1-Write and Grow Rich

I am excited to kick off Bobbi’s Bookshelf with the book I am reading right now—Write and Grow Rich: Secrets of Successful Authors and Publishers (Exclusive Tips from Publishing Experts) by Alinka Rutkowska and Adam Houge. Of course, the title

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Two Ways to Publish a Book

There are only two ways to publish a book: through a traditional publisher or by self-publishing. Traditional Publishing In the first, the publisher decides whether to accept your book and, if it does, the author receives a financial advance on

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Debunking Myths About Writing

Have you ever noticed that, when you tell people you’re a writer, their reaction is likely to be amazement, as if you are some kind of rare breed of plant? “You’re a writer? Wow. That’s so cool! What do you

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5 Publishing Options for Nonfiction Books

Publishing is exciting because it means your book is finally going to become “real” and tangible. Yet, this is the part that so often derails even the most passionate and determined author. One reason is that many authors struggle through

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5 Critical Activities for Self-publishers

Self-publishing is the subject of many books and websites. Check the resources section of your local bookstore, search for “self-publishing” in your favorite search engine or on Amazon, or go to your local library. If you decide to self-publish, there

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