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Learning to Love Nonfiction

Recently, I was invited to make a presentation on nonfiction to a large writers’ group. Putting together the PowerPoint was an eye-opener for me. Even though I’ve been writing in this genre for my entire career, I never realized how

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5 Questions Authors Must Answer

Too  many first-time authors are struck by what they consider to be a brilliant idea and immediately start writing. Perhaps you are one of them and have succumbed to the lure of inspiration. There’s nothing wrong with inspiration. It’s a great feeling,

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Q&A #2: What Is Your Reason for Writing This Book?

Question #2: Do have a good reason for writing this book? Is it to: Increase your credibility? Share an idea, a philosophy, or experience? Teach an important lesson? Motivate or inspire? Provide instruction in a skill? Tell the story of

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