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Writing Nonfiction Books

The most recent stage of my nonfiction writing life took me to the world of books. Actually, there was some overlap among all of these stages. Writing for business certainly involved magazine writing, and beginning to write books overlapped with business

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Step #12 in Marketing an Online Course: Network! Hand Out New Business Cards and Flyers

One would think this would be the easiest thing on the list to do. After all, what’s so hard about finding a few networking events and “working the room” while handing out flyers and business cards? Well, it turns out

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Going Solo / Chapter 40: Administrative Stuff

ad·min·is·tra·tion (àd-mîn˝î-strâ´shen) nou Management, especially of business affairs. Management of an institution, public or private — ad·min´is·tra˝tive (-strâ˝tîv, -stre-) adjective stuff (stùf) noun The material out of which something is made or formed; substance. The essential substance or elements; essence:

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