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Welcome to Bobbi’s Bookshelf

Recently, as I was browsing through my bookcase, I realized that I had several shelves of books on writing, which did not even include the ones on Kindle. Out of curiosity, I began to count them. I was astonished to

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Keeping Up With Technology

Once upon a time, the only piece of equipment an author needed to write a book was a manual typewriter, and some didn’t even need that. In 1914, James Fields Smathers invented the first practical electric typewriter. For many years,

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Embracing the Way of the Essentialist

Let’s face it: being a solo-preneur is tough. You do EVERYTHING, from writing breathless prose to taking out the trash. Life is a constant juggling act, with more plates in the air than any single person could possibly keep from crashing to

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Going Solo / Chapter 27: Electronic Publishing

e·lec·tron·ic (î-lèk-tròn´îk, ê˝lèk-) adjective Of or relating to the Internet. Of or relating to electronics.  pub·lish (pùb´lîsh) verb To prepare and issue (printed material) for public distribution or sale. To bring to the public attention; announce. See synonyms for announce.

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