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Learning to Love Nonfiction

Recently, I was invited to make a presentation on nonfiction to a large writers’ group. Putting together the PowerPoint was an eye-opener for me. Even though I’ve been writing in this genre for my entire career, I never realized how

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So, You Want to Write a Book? Your Ideal Reader

What is your target market? Who are you writing this book for? Who will benefit the most from reading it? Who will love it enough to recommend it to friends or write a great review on Amazon? These questions are

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5 Ways to Turn Clients into Raving Fans

If you are in the business of serving clients, in any capacity, there are non-negotiable expectations you must meet and, if possible, exceed. They include not only the things clients hire you to do but also the special touches that

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LinkedIn Writers’ Groups You Should Know About

One of the best pieces of advice I have received about marketing is, “Join groups related to your interests and business goals. But do more than just join; participate, post, connect.” LinkedIn is the social networking site for professionals in

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Step #13 in Marketing an Online Course: Post Books on Google Books and Bookarma

Nancy Baumann, a colleague of mine from St. Louis Publishers Association, started a company called Bookarma (as in book karma) “where authors help authors market their books globally through shared social networks!” According to its website, Bookarma allows authors to

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