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Occupational Hazards of Running a One-person Business

Part I of a four-part series on overwhelm, stress, burnout Is there a freelancer or entrepreneur who has never felt completely overwhelmed by the myriad tasks and responsibilities involved with her little enterprise. If you know of one, please put

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Book Review: How to Quit Working

How to Quit Working: A Simple Plan to Leave Your Job For  a Life of Freedom by Jeff Steinmann (Towerview Press) “You deserve a life that lets you get up each day and do exactly what you want, and you can have

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Online Courses Don’t Sell Themselves

When my students and clients finish writing their books, they are understandably proud and excited. In the organization I belong to—the St. Louis Publishers Association—members have the opportunity to announce their good news and hold up their books for all

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Going Solo / Introduction

Before you read any further, you should know two things: First, though the term “freelancing” can be applied to any number of disciplines, this is a book about freelance writing. It is intended for anyone who wants to be, or

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