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Writing Nonfiction for the Business World

The second phase of my business-writing life focused on writing for and about all aspects of the business world. I had no idea when I began how complex the subject was going to be. I honestly thought that, since I

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5 Common Promotional Practices

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to promote your book. There are already many accepted ways to do it. Some cost money; others just require lots of energy and shoe leather. Here are the first 5 common promotional practices

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Marketing Nonfiction Books and Online Courses in the Digital Age: A Whole New Ballgame

Once upon a time, I was a marketing manager for a medium-sized, privately owned company. Since the company didn’t really have any marketing before our department was created, we were pretty much free to make it up as we went

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Going Solo / Chapter 22 Direct Mail

direct mail noun— di·rect´-mail´ (dî-rèkt´mâl´, dì-) adjective: Advertising circulars or other printed matter sent directly through the mail to prospective customers or contributors. There is hardly a day when my little mailbox doesn’t overflow with junk mail. While I find

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