So, You Want to Write a Book • Getting Help

Friends & family all telling you to write your book

Your friends and family insist you have the greatest story ever, and you absolutely must write a book about your life. It is sure to be (fill in the blank) inspirational, motivational, educational, influential, insightful, entertaining, funny, yet poignant, not to mention a New York Times bestseller.

Your story has universal appeal. It will speak to everyone. So, what could possibly be holding you back? What part of this effusive encouragement are you questioning?

Is it really the greatest story ever? Can it possibly inspire, motivate, educate, entertain, influence, share your deepest insights, and soar to the top of the bestseller list? Even if the answer to all of these questions is an unqualified yes, why are you plagued with doubts? What is getting in your way?

Could it be this simple: You have never written a book and you don’t have the slightest idea where to begin? But what it your story is all the things others say it is. Maybe your vast audience is out there just waiting for this book to hit Amazon and bookstores across the country.

So, you have a story worth telling. There are people in the world who would pay money to read it. The only thing missing is to put that story between the covers of a book, which brings you back to where you started. You have never written a book, and you don’t have the slightest idea where to begin.

As you may have already surmised, I am going to help you remove that last obstacle from your path. I am going to help you not only write your book but also publish and promote it. (If you already know me, you can skip the next paragraph)

My name is Bobbi Linkemer, and I make my living writing books and teaching aspiring authors just like you how to write, publish, and promote their books. In the fifty years I have been writing professionally, I have been fortunate to delve into a wide range subjects in just about all nonfiction genres, write and publish twenty-four books of my own, and help twenty-seven authors take their book ideas from the first glimmer of an idea to their first sale. (It always amazes me how one can summarize long career in a single paragraph. If you really want to know more, please check out my bio or just Google my name.)

The point of this email is to help you dismantle your obstacle course. Here are five powerful options to choose from:

  1. If you are really starting from scratch, one of the most popular options to learn something new is to take an ONLINE COURSE. “How to Write, Publish, & Promote a Nonfiction Book” is everything aspiring authors need to know to write your first book.
  2. If you want to write a book, but you don’t have the time, ability or desire to write it, there is an way to avoid the pain but create your book; the “way” is to turn to an experienced GHOSTWRITER to write it for you.
  3. On the other hand, let’s assume you are capable of writing your book and are ready to do it, but you’re mystified by the process. Here’s where a BOOK COACH can guide you through every step of a foolproof process.
  4. Let’s say, you sat down to write, went into the zone, and couldn’t stop until you finished. Assume that your first draft is anything but perfect, and you need some help. Here’s where a professional EDITOR will help you organize your ideas, find mistakes, and smooth out your language. (BTW, every author—even those who have written many books—needs and editor. No exceptions.)
  5. What if you like learning on your own time at your own pace but are overwhelmed by the resources at your disposal. Rather than Google “need help to write my book!” what you need is a series of BOOKS on writing to find exactly what you want to learn.

If your family and friends are correct, and you have a book worth writing, you are out of reasons, obstacles, doubts, and excuses for not writing it. Every author once felt as you do, so you have plenty of company. So, as Nike would say, “Just do it!”

One last thought: “If the desire to write is not accompanied by actual writing, then the desire is not to write.” —Hugh Prather









Bobbi Linkemer is a writing coach, ghostwriter, editor, as well as the author of eighteen books under her own name. Her passion is helping writers at all levels to convey their messages through books. In her forty-five-year career, Ms. Linkemer has written on hundreds of topics for magazines, individuals, and organizations in both the private and public sectors. She has been a feature writer, a magazine editor, and a corporate communicator. Her clients range from Fortune 100 companies to entrepreneurs and individuals who want to share their stories or build their businesses. Bobbi Linkemer • 314-968-8661

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