Coaching: Publishing

publishingPublishing is exciting because it means your book is finally going to become “real” and tangible. Yet, this is the part that so often derails even the most passionate and determined author. One reason is that many authors struggle through the writing and then suddenly have a finished book and nowhere to send it. If you are one of them, it may be that you started in the middle (writing) instead of at the beginning (planning).

When you think “publisher,” don’t restrict yourself to Random House or Simon & Schuster. Those are the big, conventional New York houses and usually tough to crack. For most, you need an agent … another whole project in itself. There are many other options open to an author. They include:

  • Self-publishing
  • Co-publishing
  • “Indy” publishing
  • Electronic publishing (eBooks)
  • Print-on-Demand (POD)

If you have a proposal or a viable idea for a book and are ready to think about publishing, I can help you decide what publishing option is best for you. Email me at or give me a call at 314-968-8661.