PromotionThis is the aspect of writing a book where authors so often drop the ball. If you have a conventional publisher, you may think the promotion will be handled for you. Unfortunately, unless you are a celebrity or a best-selling author, promoting your book is your responsibility. If you self-publish or use one of the other methods, it is one-hundred percent your responsibility.

So, where do you start? if you’ve done your planning (proposal) you have identified your target readers. First question: how can you reach those readers? Here are a few of the conventional methods …

  • Brainstorm with your most creative friends; generate as many ideas as you can.
  • Send advance readers’ copies (ARCs) to book reviewers (stamp them “galley proofs”).
  • Submit articles on your topic to publications that target your readers.
  • Share a table or booth with other writers at book fairs.
  • Offer to give free presentations at bookstores that carry your book.
  • Send direct-mail pieces about your book to everyone you can think of.
  • Put together a press kit, and send it to local radio and TV stations.
  • Launch a simple yet catchy Web site.
  • Buy your own copy of 1001 Ways to Market Your Book by John Kremer, and read it!
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