Professional Partners

pro_partnersProfessional partners are all the people who will play a role in some aspect of your book. They include everyone from editors to indexers and from proofreaders to publicists. Very few people can, or would even want to, do everything that must be done to take a book from concept to completion, especially if completion includes marketing. Bringing a book to fruition takes a team of people, each with an area of specialization and all focused on a single outcome—a successful book.

  • Attorneys serve several functions from analyzing contracts to advising you on copyright laws and registering artwork.
  • Distributors sell to warehouses and bookstores and provide a range of services including electronic ordering systems (EDI), warehousing, fulfillment, shipping, billing, collection, marketing, editorial consultation, and sales.
  • Editors provide different functions at different stages of the book project. Developmental editors, content editors, copy editors, and proofreaders are often different individuals.
  • Graphic designers think in pictures; writers think in words. They create your cover, the key to selling your book, and inside layout. If you self-publish, they are essential.
  • Illustrators provide hand-drawn pictures of what you have written. Your cover designer may use an illustration, photograph, or type on the cover.
  • Indexers organize your content in alphabetical order and page numbers so that readers can find important information instantly.
  • Industry experts are professionals who know your subject matter and are willing to give you feedback on how accurately you present this information in your manuscript.
  • Printers range from quick-copy stores (least expensive), to digital (POD) printers (for fewer than 1,000 books), to offset printers (with minimum print orders).
  • Publicists save you a lot of legwork in marketing your book by arranging for travel, radio and TV appearances, book signings, interviews, and articles in various publications.
  • Reviewers are usually affiliated with some form of media. They assess the quality of the writing, how well and logically you cover the topic, and how readable the book is.
  • Virtual assistants handle the administrative side of writing a book—correspondence, permissions, research, bookkeeping, organization, inventory publicity, and myriad other details.
  • Web designers create your Website and often host and maintain it as well. Some are designers, but all of them know Web technology.
  • Wholesalers handle books based on demand. They carry books from most publishers and fill orders as they receive them. Their main service is delivering books quickly.

You may not need everyone on the list, but you will need a few. Finding the right people for your team is both art and science. Let’s talk about where to look and how to manage your experts. Email me at, or give me a call at 314-968-8661.