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Book Writing Coach Bobbi Linkemer Releases revised, updated edition
of Going Solo: How to survive & thrive as a freelance writer

St. Louis, MO – January 1, 2014 Bobbi Linkemer, a forty-five year veteran of the freelance life, has revised and updated her refreshing book on how to succeed in this challenging, competitive business. Going Solo: How to survive & thrive as a freelance writer explores what it takes to make it as a freelance writer, whether to be a generalist or a specialist, and how to create balance in your worklife.

The fastest growing segment of American business is small business—very small business. Among those hanging out their shingles are writers of all levels of experience and ability. Whether by choice or circumstances, they are abandoning the corporate and agency worlds for the much smaller world of their home offices. Full-time freelancing may look exciting, but in reality it can be a very tough way to earn a living. Bobbi Linkemer has been a freelancer most of her forty-five-year career as a writer. Her book, Going Solo: How to Survive & Thrive as a Freelance Writer (2nd Edition), is a personal, yet practical, exploration of what it takes to make it in this highly competitive arena.


“Leading the list are talent and obsession,” says Linkemer, “but those are only two of the more obvious traits that spell the difference between amateurs and professionals. Freelance writing is far too complex to be captured by a simple formula for success, and Going Solo doesn’t offer one. Rather, it goes beyond the obvious to explore the other strengths writers need to cultivate; whether to be all things to all people or specialize in a particular type of writing, subject, or medium; and how to maintain that delicate balance among the many hats a freelancer wears and between worklife and the rest of life.”

Bobbi Linkemer is founder and president of BOBBI LINKEMER & CO., a business-communications consulting firm that has worked with many of St. Louis’s most prestigious companies during the past twenty-five years. She is the author of eighteen published books, including How to Write a Nonfiction Book: From planning to promotion in 6 simple steps (7th edition); Words To Live By: Reflections on the Writing Life from a 40-year veteran; and The Savvy Ghostwriter: Secrets of an invisible author (an e-book).

 Bobbi Linkemer is a writing coach, ghostwriter, and editor, as well as the author of eighteen books under her own name. Her five most recent titles are on various aspects of writing. Since 2007, she has guided sixteen published authors through writing, publishing, and promoting their nonfiction books.


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