Editing : Marketing Materials

BL skillful writer cover v3.inddIn its simplest form, “marketing” means identifying a need in the marketplace and determining the best way to fill it. Thus, it begins not with the solution but with the problem. Marketing communications is an umbrella term for such disciplines as advertising, direct mail, public relations, special events, media placement, multi-media presentations, billboards, newsletters, TV and radio spots, and Websites.

The key to effective marketing communications is a three-sided triangle with all three connecting points having equal weight. Marketing plans address the triangle by answering these all-important questions:

  1. What is the message?
  2. Who is the audience?
  3. What are the most appropriate vehicles for communicating the message?

Crafting the right marketing message and determining the right way to communicate it to the right audience is key. Bobbi Linkemer can help you do both.