Linda Ellerbee: A Journalist Who’s Done It All

Linda Ellerbee’s career is a journalist’s dream. She has been a TV news correspondent, an anchor, a reporter; a producer, a disk jockey, a program director, a commentator, and an author. She co-anchored “NBC News Overnight” (a program that aired nightly in the pre-dawn hours) and hosted and produced specials for Nickelodeon (a cable channel aimed at children ages seven to seventeen.) Her Nick News specials began with an effort to help kids understand the events surrounding the invasion of Kuwait and the Iraq war. From there, she went on to tackle everything from AIDs and racism to the Oklahoma City bombing, the 9/11 terror attacks, and Hurricane Katrina. She spent twenty-five years as host and producer of “Nick News.”

She worked for the Associated Press, NBC, CBS, and ABC, as well as the majority leader of the Alaska senate. She wrote copy for the Dallas bureau of the Associated Press , appeared on the Houston CBS television affiliate KHOU-TV, produced more than 400 specials for the Viacom-owned cable network, and hosted Saturday Night Live.

After a stint at Vanderbilt University in NashvilleTennessee, Ellerbe dropped out of college and traveled around the country, bouncing from job to job in radio. She describes that period of her life this way: “I moved around some, married some, had two babies, worked for three radio stations, one of which hired me to read the news because I sounded black—my Texas heritage—and the black woman it had hired did not.”

Ellerbee was one of the most highly respected journalists in the world. Her well-known wit and sense of humor found their way into her speaking and writing. A winner of numerous awards and accolades, she was open about her battle with cancer. She considers herself a lucky woman who had seen the world, met many of the world’s most interesting people, and been well paid to do so.

After forty-four years in journalism, Ellerbee retired at seventy-one, having spent half her career reporting the news and the other half explaining the news to young people. “I’m a lucky woman,” said Ellerbee. “I saw the world, met many of the world’s most interesting people and was well paid to do so. Her parting thought: no, she does not choose to mellow.

Linda Ellerbee’s book include:

  • And So It Goes: Adventures in Television. 
  • Move on: Adventures in the Real World. 
  • Take Big Bites: Adventures Around the World and Across the Table. 
  • Girl Reporter Blows Lid Off Town! (Get Real, No. 1).
  • Girl Reporter Sinks School! (Get Real, No. 2). 
  • Girl Reporter Stuck in Jam! (Get Real, No. 3). 
  • Girl Reporter Snags Crush! (Get Real, No. 4). 
  • Girl Reporter Digs Up Zombies! (Get Real, No.5)
  • Girl Reporter Rocks Polls! (Get Real, No. 6
  • Girl Reporter Gets the Skinny! (Get Real, No. 7). 
  • Girl Reporter Bytes Back! (Get Real, No. 8). 



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