Here is What I’ve Learned

Nora Ephron — Icon, Writer’s Writer, One of My Idols
— Your sense of humor is your greatest gift. Use it to tell stories, convey ideas, entertain others, and reveal yourself.

Sue Grafton: Master Mystery Writer Focus on a theme with staying power, develop it over time, and stick with it until you know it’s time to move on.

Gloria Steinem: Feminist, Activist, Journalist — Find your purpose, and let it guide your life and career choices. Use your talent to inform, persuade, educate, and support women.

Judith Viorst: The Epitome of “Prolific” * — Diversify. Try new things, new writing styles, new ways of expressing yourself. Spread your wings, creatively. Keep learning new subjects; write for different audiences; stretch yourself.

Caroline Bird: A Force For Feminism — Identify what matters to you, even if you are ahead of your time, and follow it wherever it leads for as long as it continues to have meaning.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh: Pilot, Mother, Author — Anne Morrow Lindberg: It is possible to survive even the worst of tragedies and still build a life that is not only personally satisfying but also a legacy to pass on to future generations.

Margaret Atwood: Designer of Dystopian Worlds — There is no greater gift than a fertile imagination, and there is no limit to where it can take you, including to unexplored worlds.

Anna Quindlen: A Writer’s Writer — You won’t know what you’re capable of unless you keep trying new things. When you master one skill or level of achievement, don’t rest on your laurels; move on to the next one.

Ann Patchett: One of Time’s Most Influential People in The WorldEvery accomplishment is an end in itself, as well as a stepping stone to the next. Appreciate every award, every accolade, every article you write or that is written about you. Remember, it’s the journey, not the destination that matters.

Ayn Rand: Successful Novelist, Uncompromising Philosopher — Facts are facts, and no amount of wishing, longing, pleading, or ignoring them can change or erase them. In today’s parlance, “It is what it is.”

Maya Angelou: Author, Actress, Activist — While you’re busy doing what you love, you might discover that you’ve become a role model and a celebrity. But that’s no reason the stop doing what you love.

Linda Ellerbee: A Journalist Who’s Done It All — Nowhere is it written that after a lifetime of achievement in every aspect of your career, it’s time to kick off your shoes and mellow.





Bobbi Linkemer is a writing coach, ghostwriter, editor, as well as the author of eighteen books under her own name. Her passion is helping writers at all levels to convey their messages through books. In her forty-five-year career, Ms. Linkemer has written on hundreds of topics for magazines, individuals, and organizations in both the private and public sectors. She has been a feature writer, a magazine editor, and a corporate communicator. Her clients range from Fortune 100 companies to entrepreneurs and individuals who want to share their stories or build their businesses. Bobbi Linkemer • 314-968-8661

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