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I have been on a lifelong quest to lose weight and keep it off. I have always been a voracious eater but also a committed exerciser. I thought of exercise as a permission slip to eat whatever I wanted, and it showed. In my teens, I was considered cute but chubby. In my twenties, I was pretty but overweight. Finally, in my thirties, I joined Weight Watchers, lost thirty pounds, and proudly went from a size 14 to a size 10.

Then, the weight slowly came back as I went back to my old habits, and the Weight Watcher’s material gathered dust in my filing cabinet. In 2011, two events occurred that changed my life. First, my husband bought me a BodyBugg from 24-Hour Fitness as a gift, and, second, we went on “the half diet. As a disclaimer, the gift was a request not a suggestion to lose weight. I had been told that this small piece of equipment, which I would wear as an armband, could measure my caloric output. Then, I would enter my food intake into a website and have a complete picture of my calories in and calories out I was a total skeptic. I had a lot of questions; so, I started doing research. First, how did it work? My research showed a four-pronged approach to measuring caloric output, including an accelerometer, body heat output, galvanic skin response, and skin temperature (for more info click here)

I still didn’t believe a word of it until I started to use it, and the scale actually moved. Every day I religiously wore the BB, and every night I simply downloaded my information to the website and entered my food. It was fascinating to watch my daily exercise graphically depicted on the computer and my food intake analyzed as it related to this info.

For those who don’t remember, the general rule of thumb is that one pound of fat equals 3500 calories. To lose weight you must either decrease your caloric intake or increase your caloric output or both. To clarify, if I give up one bag of M&M’s (approximately 250 calories) and exercise for thirty minutes every day (approx 250 calories), I should lose one pound per week. Should is the operative word, because this has never worked for me, until I bought the BodyBugg.

Now, an explanation of the half diet: It started out as a family joke. My dad told everyone he had gone on the “half diet.” He would go out for dinner, which he did every night, only eat half of his meal, and take the rest home. Then, he would eat the other half the next day at work. He was convinced that this method worked. We all laughed at him until I tried it; I am no longer laughing. Food at home was reduced in portion size. Restaurant food was boxed before I could eat it. Once I entered the amounts into the computer I was able to eat less and exercise more. Best of all I could track the weight loss online which was great. (Click here for more info)

Just to be fair, there are alternatives to the BodyBugg (click here for details), but I have not tried them. The bottom line is this: If anything in this blog resonates with you, here is yet another option for losing weight and keeping it off. Think of this as a testimonial from your friend Terry who hopes she is finally found a solution that works and keeps working.


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