Ghostwriting : Overview

Savvy Ghostwriter cover TEAL.inddYou’re an expert in your subject matter. You know it inside and out. You can explain it, present it, analyze it … but can you write about it? Not sure? Don’t have the time or inclination? Perhaps you don’t even want to.

Let’s face it, if you’re not a writer, or simply lack the time or desire to write, do what many best-selling authors do. Get help from a professional ghostwriter.

A ghostwriter has a special knack for crawling inside your head, understanding what you want to say, and speaking in your voice. A ghostwriter distills a great deal of information into tight prose … translates your feelings into the written word … and organizes a complex message into a coherent manuscript.

Working with a ghostwriter is much like a partnership based on an exhange of information and trust. The first thing your partner will ask you is a series of questions designed to determine if your book is likely to succeed. If you think you have a viable idea, e-mail to receive a list of those questions absolutely FREE.

If you have something to say but need some help saying it—persuasively, humorously, convincingly, dramatically—you need a ghostwriter.

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One comment on “Ghostwriting : Overview
  1. Brian warth says:

    Does a ghostwriter always get acknowledge by being on the front cover by the title “with”? What does the title “with” mean? Does it imply co-author? What did that person actually do in the writing process?