Ghostwriting: Books

Crash&Burn covers hi-res copyBooks are a highly specialized and often expensive form of business communication, but in many cases, the payback can be enormous.There are many reasons why a company might want to author a book. Here are a few of them …

  • A CEO uses it as a vehicle to convey his or her vision to a large and far-flung work force.
  • A company wins a prestigious award for a groundbreaking management model and shares its results with the business community at large.
  • A high-profile executive writes an autobiography or commissions an authorized biography.
  • An expert in a highly specialized area writes a “how-to” book.

So, if your organization is ready for a book, wherever you are in the process, you need a ghostwriter. With 23 books to her credit, I know I can help you through all of the steps that take a book from a dream to a finished product. Drop me a note at or call me at 314-968-8661.

Recent comments from clients:

“When you work with Bobbi Linkemer you’re getting far more than a book coach, ghostwriter, and editor. The cornerstone of any book is a proposal, and Bobbi is expert at helping you to organize your thoughts and materials into a proposal that’ll help make you and your book a success. Just as importantly, and something that one cannot put a price on, you’re getting someone who sincerely cares about you and your project. Bobbi walks the walk and talks the talk and is a friend to all who work with her.”

Robert M. Misic, Author of Crash & Burn: The Bureaupathology of the Federal Aviation Administration