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“I love this course! It has helped me plan the writing and all the details of publishing my new book, including setting and meeting deadlines. Now I am organized and motivated to go forward. I know exactly what I need to do…besides write. Bobbi literally takes you by the hand and helps you address all the decisions you will have to make along the way–even the ones you didn’t know about.”

—Bobette Kyle, author of Dream Wedding on a Dime and 7 secrets for the budget-savvy bride,

Welcome to the best of both worlds: a seven-module, online course for aspiring authors of nonfiction and one-on-one coaching by Bobbi Linkemer, the course’s designer and author of eighteen books of her own, as well as book shepherd to many other published authors.

In the course, itself, you will learn the fundamentals of writing, publishing, and promotion, apply them to your book, and receive personal feedback and guidance throughout the course and beyond—all the way to posting your book on Amazon and the popular e-readers. You will also receive a copy of How to Write a Nonfiction Book: From planning to promotion in 6 simple steps in e-book format or in print.

Each module contains

1. A narrated presentation on what you need to know about all of the steps

2. A downloadable document or chart to augment the presentation

3. A brief quiz to let you know how well you grasped the concepts

4. An assignment to apply what you have learned to your own book

The introduction explains how the course is structured and the six steps in the writing-publishing-promotion process.

In the Planning module, you think through every aspect of your book before you write. You test your book idea, draft an outline, and write a sample chapter summary.

Writing introduces you to all of the parts of the book you must write, in addition to the chapters. You will also get organized, create a writing plan, and, best of all, start writing.

Professional Partners are experts in the specialized areas of publishing; the ones you choose become your team. Production covers the technical details of getting your book to the printer. A book designer usually handles these activities.

In the Publishing module, you become aware of the advantages and disadvantages of five different publishing options, select the one that meets your needs and budget, explore literary agents, and map out a book proposal.

Promotion is the reason people buy your book. In this module you construct a marketing plan that will include making the most of Amazon, social media, writing, and blogging.

In Last Words you revisit your progress in meeting the learning objectives for the course and construct a plan for how you and your book coach will proceed from here.


This 7 module online course is a complete guide to writing, publishing, and promoting your nonfiction book. You will plan and build your book, one practical step at time …  choose the right professional partners, publishing options, and promotional activities … and begin to write!

You do all of those things with an experienced author, teacher, and book coach at your side for up to 50 hours of private consulting. As your coach, Bobbi will:

  • Guide you through each module so that you complete the course efficiently and hit the ground running
  • Introduce you to the experts you need—copyeditors, proofreaders, literary attorneys, illustrators, and book designers
  • Help you decide on the best way to publish, and shepherd your book through the publishing process
  • Advise you on how to refine and implement the marketing plan you wrote in the course
  • Be your partner, mentor, and cheerleader through every step on the road to becoming a published author

When you click on the link to register, you create your user name and password. On that page are detailed instructions on how to register. Then, you are ready to begin.

You can download the course syllabus and a PDF of the textbook, How to Write a Nonfiction Book: From planning to promotion in 6 simple steps. Log in any time you want, and work through the modules at your own pace. As you finish each module, the next one will become available, but you can review all of the prior material for a year. You can use the allotted time or complete the modules as quickly or as slowly as you wish. And Bobbi will be with you every step of the way!

⇒ Special payment instructions: To avoid your having to pay the entire amount of $4997 at one time, when you check out, you will be charged the standard price of the course, which is $797. The remaining $4200 will be billed in increments of $840 over a five-month period.