Editing: Overview

Every writer needs an editor. No exceptions! But there are several kinds of editors. Do you know what they do?

Developmental editors help you plan and organize your material in a logical, convincing manner. What is your message? How can you break it down into its component parts? What do you need to know, and where can you find that information?

Content editors look at the big picture, writing style, structure, flow of ideas, language, and accuracy. Is the “voice” consistent? Did you cover everything you needed to cover, or is your manuscript suffering from overkill? Are your facts correct? Is the book coherent?

Copy editors check for grammar, punctuation, and typos. They catch mistakes you and everyone else have missed. Do you have agreement in tenses and between nouns and pronouns? Are you hooked on semicolons? Are you careless with your sentence structure?

Wherever you are in your book-writing proces—at the beginning or the end—you need an editor … perhaps more than one. Find out more about how Bobbi Linkemer can help you edit your bookmarketing materialsWeb copy.

2 comments on “Editing: Overview
  1. Julia Speer says:

    How do I find an editor?

  2. Beni Marciukaitis says:

    I keep going round and round this website and can’t find how to contact you for content editing. Maybe it’s just me. My “book”, a memoir, is finished and I need some help putting the puzzle together. Thanks.