PromotionThis is the aspect of writing a book where authors so often drop the ball. If you have a conventional publisher, you may think the promotion will be handled for you. Unfortunately, unless you are a celebrity or a best-selling author, promoting your book is your responsibility. If you self-publish or use one of the other methods, it is 100 percent your responsibility.

So, where do you start? If you’ve done your planning (proposal), you have identified your target readers. First question: how can you reach those readers? Here are a few of the conventional methods:

  • Write a marketing plan. Include your overarching goal, strategies for achieving it, and tactics (concrete actions you will take).
  • Launch a website. Be sure it contains a description of your book, where and how to buy it, about the author, testimonials, and a “media room.”
  • Choose social media that will reach your target readers; write your profile; have conversations; share ideas; answer questions; interact. Don’t use social media to sell, sell, sell!
  • Send advance readers’ copies (ARCs) to book reviewers (stamp them “galley proofs” or “readers’ copy”).
  • Submit articles on your topic to publications that target your readers and to online sites such as
  • Share a table or booth with other writers at book fairs.
  • Offer to give free presentations at bookstores that carry your book.
  • Build your email list and send out an announcement when the book is published on Amazon; ask for reviews.
  • Put together a press kit, and send it to local radio and TV stations; post it in your media room.
  • Buy your own copy of 1001 Ways to Market Your Book by John Kremer, and read it!

This is only the tip of the iceberg, but you do it one tactic at a time. Let’s brainstorm ideas. Drop me a line at or give me a call at 314-968-8661.

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