Coaching: Planning

things to fixIt may sound obvious, but you can’t write a book without planning it first. Yet, it’s amazing how many would-be authors think they can just sit down in front of a computer and let it flow. The planning step involves writing a proposal, whether you are sending it to a publisher or not. A proposal is your thinking document. It is always a work in progress.

A proposal should do the following:

  • Clarify the purpose and subject matter of the book
  • Organize the main points
  • Demonstrate how the book differs from others on the market
  • Explain why this is the right book at the right time
  • Describe the book’s greatest benefit and how that benefit is delivered
  • Identify the target audience
  • Summarize the author’s credentials
  • Sell the sizzle

Planning is the most important part of writing a nonfiction book. If you don’t know where to begin, I can help you accomplish all of the above points. Give me a call at 314-968-8661 or drop me a note at