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Nora Ephron Revisited

My friend Peggy sent me an article about Nora Ephron. I dropped whatever I was doing and read every word. I even watched the video of Nora’s 1996 keynote speech to the graduates of Wellesley, her alma mater, carrying my

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Things I Would Like to See Before I Die

  This is not my bucket list. This is my why-don’t-they-invent-this-while-I’m-still-young-enough-to-take-advantage-of-it list. I am a child of the Silent Generation, and I wish we hadn’t been quite so quiet. The Baby Boomers had no such inhibitions. They made a big

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Things I just don’t get

Politicians, world leaders, bankers, and Wall Street moguls can look you in the eye and just LIE. After the Newtown and Washington Navy yard shootings, the NRA spokesman said (not once, but twice), “The only thing that stops a bad

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Whatever Baby Boomers Want, They Get!

I can’t wait for the Baby Boomers to get old. I don’t mean that in any pejorative way. It’s only that when the Baby Boomers identify something they want, they find a way to get it, and I also have

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Taking a Break From News

I don’t watch the news at night Unless I want to get depressed Murder and mayhem at bedtime Interfere with peaceful rest Except for sports and weather I don’t think I miss too much And if war breaks out somewhere

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