Bobbi’s Gratitude List

I confess: I got this idea from Copyblogger, whose latest blog is “The 2011 Copyblogger Gratitude List.” What a great thing to do, and, of course, why didn’t I think of it? Maybe that’s what makes Copyblogger so hugely successful. Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and my list is far different from Copyblogger’s, here are the things I am grateful for:

  • The best daughter and son-in-law in the world, who turned their lives upside down to arrange superb medical care and take care of me in and out of the hospital
  • A fabulous neurosurgeon, successful back surgery, and a flawless recovery
  • My wonderful clients (you know who you are), whose books are just as important to me as they are to their authors
  • My sister—best friend, confidante, fellow writer, and traveling companion on life’s road
  • My parents, long gone but still present in my life in countless ways
  • Friends, old and new, whose generosity of spirit never fails to amaze me
  • Work I love as much today and I did more than forty years ago when I first became hooked

So far, it’s been a very good life.



Bobbi Linkemer is a writing coach, ghostwriter, editor, as well as the author of eighteen books under her own name. Her passion is helping writers at all levels to convey their messages through books. In her forty-five-year career, Ms. Linkemer has written on hundreds of topics for magazines, individuals, and organizations in both the private and public sectors. She has been a feature writer, a magazine editor, and a corporate communicator. Her clients range from Fortune 100 companies to entrepreneurs and individuals who want to share their stories or build their businesses. Bobbi Linkemer • 314-968-8661

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