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Write • Publish • Promote is an online ezine for authors at any stage of this exciting process No matter where you are on your writing journey—from having an idea you are sure will make a great book to holding your published book in your hands—you will find insights, information, and suggestions to guide you along the road. Search this page for answers to your questions about all aspects of writing, publishing, and promoting your nonfiction book.





Jan. 2014 • On the Road to Your Finished Book

Feb. 2014 • What it Takes to Make it as a Freelance Writer & Author

Mar. 2014 • Six Strategies for Beating the Winter Blues

Apr. 2014 • Six Ways to Survive and Thrive as a Freelance Writer

May 2014 • How to Avoid the Dangers of Overwhelm, Stress, & Burnout

Jun. 2014 • What to Do When Life Interrupts Your Plans

Jul. 2014 • Have Laptop, Will Travel

Aug. 2014 • How to Pay It Back by Paying it Forward

Sep. 2014 • Observations on Beginnings

Oct. 2014 • Three Essential Questions

Nov. 2014 • How to Create a Podcast

Dec. 2014 • A Gift from Bobbi Linkemer

Jan. 2015 • How to Achieve Your Vision

Mar. 2015 • What it really means to “quit working”

Apr. 2015 • What to do when things aren’t working

May 2015 • 4 Ways to Be a Little Less Accessible

Jun. 2015 • Doing What You Love, Loving What You Do

Aug. 2015 • Deciding What to Write About

Sep. 2015 • What’s Your “ONE Thing”?

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