7 Mini Courses On How To Write A Book

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“If you want help with your book project but cannot devote big blocks of time to it, then try one of the individual courses. They allowed me to focus and investigate portions of the book process without feeling overwhelmed. Also, I got a sense of accomplishment each time I completed one. I suspect that you, like me, need to manage your time and money carefully and these fit the bill. I think of these courses as building a house one room at a time.”

-Guy Terrell, Richmond, VA

No matter where you are in your book writing process, there is a comprehensive mini course to teach you exactly what you need to know and help you through that step. Below are descriptions of 7 mini courses.

1. Answering the 10 Questions (Planning Your Book)

The 10 questions provide the basic facts about your nonfiction book that you need to have before you begin writing. Every question deals with a specific aspect of your plan: your target audience, competitive titles, and how you will promote your book, to name a few.

2. Writing Your Book

You will not only write your chapters but also the back cover and the parts of the book before and after the chapters. In this course, you will create and organize your files; construct a writing plan with deadlines; and, best of all, start writing.

3. Building a Book Proposal

A book proposal sells your book idea to a literary agent or publisher; it answers the basic questions agents and editors ask; and it reveals how you think and write. But whether it is formal or informal, it will be used later in your book and promotional materials.

4. Choosing Partners & Producing Your Book

Most authors need some help from experts in one or more of the steps in the book-writing process. In this course you will meet many of these experts, learn exactly what they do, how much they might charge, and how they will get your book ready to print.

5. Finding the Right Literary Agent

A literary agent is your representative in the publishing process. In this course, you will learn what a literary agent does, how to find the right one for you, and what to do and not do when you have one.

6. Choosing Your Publishing Option

You will learn about five ways to publish and choose the one that best meets your needs and budget. You will also learn how to find a literary agent and submit a book proposal, about POD, e-publishing, and the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA).

7. Promoting Your Book

Promotion is the way you let potential readers know that you have a book, why they want to read it, and how they can buy it. You will map out a marketing plan and learn the most effective ways to harness the power of the World Wide Web and Amazon.


These are self-guided courses.

Register, choose your course, and then begin whenever you’re ready. Access the courses from any computer, iPad, or tablet. Log in any time you want, and work through the mini course at your own pace.

Each mini course contains the following:

  1. A narrated presentation on what you need to know about all of the steps
  2. A downloadable document or chart to augment the presentation
  3. A brief quiz to let you know how well you grasped the concepts
  4. An assignment to apply what you have learned to your own book

Feedback is built-in. You will receive immediate feedback on your answers to the quizzes and my customized feedback on your assignment.

On this page are detailed instructions on how to register for the mini course you choose. Once you register, you are ready to begin. Log in any time you want, and work through the course at your own pace. I will give you feedback on the assignment at the end and a grade on the course. I look forward to reading your assignment and sharing my thoughts with you.

Good luck!

Bobbi Linkemer