Coaching: Overview

Cover designed by Nehmen-Kodner Graphic Design

Cover designed by Nehmen-Kodner Graphic Design

If you are working on your first book, guidance and support from a knowledgeable source is a gift. Even experienced authors can benefit from the advice of a book coach.

A book coach answers these questions:

  • Do you really have a book?
  • If so, what’s holding you back?
  • Why do you need a book?
  • What does it take to write one?


A book coach …

  • Is a teacher, partner, and personal cheerleader
  • Guides you through every step of planning, writing, publishing, and promoting your book
  • Asks all the right questions during the planning phase
  • Helps you set realistic deadlines and create a schedule for meeting them
  • Works with you on polishing your writing
  • Clarifies available publishing options
  • Helps you reach your readers

A book coach explains the steps in creating a book:

  • Planning
  • Writing
  • Partnerships
  • Production
  • Publishing
  • Promotion


One comment on “Coaching: Overview
  1. Patty says:

    I’m interested in learning about a book coach–what is the process and cost? I am writing about changing organizational culture and have chapters outlined, about 20,000 words written (and haven’t finished chapter one yet), a preface written, and a drafty draft of a book proposal. Just completing the first chapter feels like I’m lunging after a mirage. Help! 🙂