About Bobbi Linkemer

bobbi_4X6Bobbi Linkemer is a writing coach, ghostwriter, and editor, as well as the author of twenty-four books under her own name. Her passion is helping writers at all levels to convey their messages through books.

To that end, she has:
• Taught Writing, Publishing, & Promoting a Nonfiction Book at the Continuing Education Division of Meramec Community College in St. Louis, Missouri (2004- 2011)
• Launched LinkUp Publishing, a small publisher for new authors (2010-2014)
• Written and published How to Write A Nonfiction Book: From planning to
promotion in 6 simple steps, now in its 7th edition (2011)
• Developed and mounted How to Write, Publish, & Promote a Nonfiction Book,
an online course for aspiring authors, and seven short courses on individual elements of the process (2013-2014)
• Guided twenty-four published authors through the steps of writing, publishing, and promoting their nonfiction books (2007-2014)

In her fifty-year career, Ms. Linkemer has written on hundreds of topics for magazines, individuals, and organizations in both the private and public sectors. She has been a feature writer, a magazine editor, and a corporate communicator. Her clients range from Fortune 100 companies to entrepreneurs and individuals who want to share their stories or build their businesses. Her articles on all aspects of writing appear on leading article sites on the Web, including top-ranked EzineArticles and BookBaby.

Bobbi Linkemer’s books on writing include:

  1. Write Your Book Now! A handbook for writers, authors, and self-publishers
  2. How to Write a Nonfiction Book: From planning to promotion in 6 simple steps
  3. Going Solo: How to survive and thrive as a freelance writer
  4. Words to Live By: Reflections on the writing life from a 40-year veteran
  5. The Savvy Ghostwriter: Confessions of an Invisible Author (an e-book)
  6. How to Write an Online Course: From concept to completion one step at a time (an e-book)
  7. The Book of Five: Everything authors need to know about nonfiction books (an e-book)
  8. The Skillful Writer: What separates the pros from the amateurs (an e-book)
  9. The Prosperous Author: The business side of writing books (an e-book)


Bobbi’s books on other topics

  1. Contacts Connections Collaboration: Building Your Business Through Relationships (co-authored with Karen S. Hoffman)
  2. The Secretary’s Secret Weapon: Arm Yourself with 7 Essential Communication Skills (Portuguese translation: Secretária Eficiente: Prepare-se para o Successo Desenvolva as sete habilidades essenciais de communicação)
  3. Shoptalk: 6 ways to get your message across at work
  4. Dealing with Difficult People (Published in the U.S. as Solving People Problems)
  5. Polish Your People Skills
  6. Get Organized (co-authored with René Richards)
  7. Planning and Running Effective Meetings (a self-study course)
  8. How to Write an Effective Resume
  9. Polish Your Professional Image
  10. How to Run a Meeting
  11. Let’s Talk: People With Developmental Disabilities Speak Out
  12. Change is Good! Stories of Community Inclusion
  13. Leadership Essentials (a self-study course)
  14. Self-empowerment (a self-study course)
  15. Communication Skills for Secretaries and Administrative Assistants (a self-study course)

Clients’ books

  1. Amazing Journey: Metamorphosis of a Hidden Child by Felicia Graber
  2. Beyond the Ice Cream Cone: The Whole Scoop on Food at the 1904 World’s Fair by Pamela J. Vacarro
  3. The BS of my MS: Making sense of a disease that doesn’t make sense by Lauri L. Wolf
  4. Celebrating Lincoln’s Legacy: Reflections by Twentieth-Century Newsmakers by Kevin G. Abney
  5. Crash & Burn: The Bureaupathology of the Federal Aviation Administration by Robert M. Misic
  6. Dream Wedding on a Dime: 7 secrets for the budget-savvy bride by Bobette Kyle
  7. Dressing Nifty After Fifty: The Definitive Guide to a Simple, Stylish Wardrobe by Corinne Richardson
  8. Elizabeth: Learning to dress myself from the inside out by Mary Elizabeth Moloney
  9. Expatriate Entrepreneurs in Emerging Markets: Ten Success Stories from Argentina by David English
  10. For the Love of Cancer: A passionate pursuit to understand life, death and spirituality by Julie Ann Davis
  11. From Red Star to Spangled Banner: My journey to become a true American by Dale Attila Fogarasi
  12. Guide to Birds of North Andros Island by Joseph Steensma and Nick Morken
  13. Healing the Soul: Unexpected Stories of Courage, Hope, and the Power of Mind by Bhupendra O. Khatri, MD
  14. Healthcare 911: How America’s Broken Healthcare System is Driving Doctors to Despair, Depriving Patients of Care, and Destroying Our Reputation in the World by Bhupendra O. Khatri, MD
  15. Imbalance of Power: Exploitation of Women by Catholic Priests by Patricia Bond with Bobbi Linkemer
  16. It’s Your Life Choose Well: Thoughts on Living a Happier, Healthier, Saner Life Now—Not Someday by Kathleen Keller Passanisi
  17. Leaders are Made Not Born: 40 Simple Skills to Make You the Leader You Want to Be

by Michael J. Farlow, PhD

  1. Mood Blitz, Bipolar Disorder: An Onslaught of Mania and Depression by Marti Markley
  2. Motherhood Calling: Experiencing God in Everyday Family Life by Linda Anderson-Little
  3. My Life Matters: Personal Planner for Women by Bobette Kyle, Laura Thake, & Cecilia George
  4. On Becoming Exceptional: SSM Health Care’s Journey to Baldrige and Beyond by Sister Mary Jean Ryan, FSM
  5. Our Father’s Voice: A Holocaust Memoir by Felicia Graber and Dr. Leon Bialecki
  6. Ready Set Counsel: A Practical Guide to Being a School Counselor in the Real World
    by Joan Hoffmann, EdD
  7. Rock Your City: 5 Steps to Becoming the Biggest Band in Town
    by John Michalak with Dan Cull
  8. The Fourth Branch of Government: We the People by Jack Trammell and Guy Terrell
  9. The Global Procurement Leader’s Handbook: World-class Procurement Toolkit by Erik Stavrand and Chris Shanahan
  10. The Leadership Forge: 50 Fire-tested insights to solve your toughest problems, care for your people, and get great results
    by Joe Scherrer
  11. Who Do You Think You Are: A Fairytale for All Ages by Rick Nichols